Support for the Philippines through the Vetter Foundation

The Vetter Foundation sends $12,000 to Convoy of Hope to assist with relief efforts.

In communication with Jeff Swaim, Executive Director of Church Relations for Convoy of Hope he reiterated the massive devastation of this most powerful storm – Super Typhoon Haiyan. He shared that Convoy of Hope has a program in the Philippines so they designated a transfer of food and relief items from the warehouse there one week prior to be on-site shortly after the storm subsided. In anticipation of the storm they requested replacement of this Philippine inventory from the US again prior to the storm. They were in great position as a first responder without interruption of their on-going food program.

Stated Jack Vetter, CEO/Chairman of the Board for Vetter Health Services, and Co-Founder of the Vetter Foundation, “It is a privilege to be in a position to partner with Convoy of Hope – an incredible team that is prepared and available to react so quickly in such a time of need. Jeff expressed his appreciation to the Foundation for all we do.”

An Update today from Convoy of Hope in Springfield, Missouri on November 12, 2013:

“Our in-country teams and partners have distributed more than 75,000 meals in two areas affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. This initial relief distribution comes from about 600,000 meals that were on-hand in the Philippines prior to the storm. In addition to meals and relief supplies on-hand, we have four shipping containers en route along with five more containers staged for shipping. In all, about 3,000,000 meals as well as relief supplies like water filters, hygiene products and tents are earmarked for the Philippines.”

The Vetter Foundation is grateful to be able to assist in this way. The Home Office team joins in prayer with thousands who are already praying. We remember your family members, friends and the Philippine communities so devastated by super Typhoon Haiyan and as they brace for yet another incoming storm – that of recovery.

Submitted by Julie Knobbe, Administrative Assistant, Vetter Health Services

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