Adult Day Care Services

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Adult day care services is an alternative to skilled nursing or assisted living placement. This short-term stay option provides relief for caregivers from what can be a 24/7 responsibility. Adult day care guests have an opportunity to interact socially with peers, share in stimulating activities, receive therapy if needed, and receive assistance with the activities of daily living.

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Vetter Senior Living and its facilities have been serving seniors for more than 45 years. Vetter Senior Living offers a variety of services and living options at each of its 33 locations. Each facility is dedicated to the quality of life through personalized services in attractive, inviting, and safe living environments.

Our commitment is to deliver innovative, customer focused care in a setting that is right for you. We can provide what you need today, and the security of knowing that there are options for tomorrow. Our Living Options link provides you with a description of different living possibilities to help you make an informed decision on which option is right for you. Please ask us which of these options and services are available for you.

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