Did You Know…Data and Training from Vetter Health Services and their communities

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Look at the DATA –

Recent analysis of our VHS communities shows that in the last year we averaged only 3.4 deficiencies compared to 5.8 nationally.
– 21.4% of our communities have been Deficiency Free compared to 10.2% nationally.
– Vetter Health Services Communities have 0 deficiencies Level G or higher compared to 10% nationally.

The 5-Star reporting system is another measure that we have available.
– Recent analysis shows that 82.2% of our Vetter Health Services communities have an overall 4 or 5 star rating compared to 49.2% nationally.

All the Team Member Education that takes place – Individual Vetter Health Services Home Office Training Programs such as:

Director of Nursing and Nurse Leadership Training
Life Enrichment Training
Social Services Training
Dietary/Culinary Training
Financial Services Training
PR and Marketing Training
Dementia Training
Individual Vetter Health Services Community Orientation Programs
Vetter Health Services Home Office Orientation Program
Mentoring Program
StrengthsFinder Program

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