Norfolk, NE: Heritage of Bel-Air hosts a Kiss-The-Pig contest

Jarad      Kiss the Adorable Pig       Eldora

The entire month of February was dedicate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at Heritage of Bel-Air. We raised about $4,653 to give to St. Jude in a combination of community events, large raffles and auctions, and some team member fun. One of the last fundraisers we did was a kiss-the-pig contest amongst the leadership team. It was a penny-war style competition and it was heating up in the last week of February.
Everyone had a jar with their name on it and everyone in our Bel-Air family had a chance to drop change into the jars for several weeks. Silver coins and dollar bills were positive while pennys were negative and the top three people with the total amount were deemed to kiss a pig on the day of our 70’s party.
The total amount raised in the penny wars was $310.24 and the three lucky contestants were the dietary manager, Becky D., the Director of Nursing, Staci K., and the Public Relations Coordinator, Jarad D.
All day long, the pig was taken around the campus so everyone could pet him and give him love; He was a wonderful sport and really enjoyed all the attention. After the contestants puckered up and the party was over, Jack and Eldora arrived to get in on the pig action! Eldora loves pigs and wasn’t shy to give the little guy some love.
Fundraising for St. Jude was a fun way to open a new door for Heritage of Bel-Air in our community. We have big plans for the coming years to make St. Jude a tradition!

Submitted By:  Jarad Dahlkoetter, Public Relations Coordinator, Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE


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