Norfolk, NE: Heritage of Bel-Air celebrates Vetter Health Services 40th Anniversary with a Throwback to Their First Decade in Business

Groovy Team      Resident and Little Pig      Groovy Residents

Heritage of Bel-Air hosted a 70’s throwback party in honor of the decade Vetter Health Services started their company. Here’s the skinney on the funkadelic party that went down at the Bel-Air pad on February 26th:

The morning was zippy as hippie head-bands were passed out to all the spiffy team members and gnarly residents. The dietary team was taking care of business, cooking some killer grub for the guests. The party didn’t start ‘till two but the team was jive talkin’ and showing off their funky threads all morning long; There was some foxy people in the house. Lunch-time came and it was time to mellow out because the atmosphere was about to go bananas.

The time to Chill’ at the pad was over as 2:00 rolled around and guests started beating the drag to come to our stellar disco. You could feel the funk as you walked through the doorway and entered the psychedelic party complete with a dance floor, a righteous table of hot foods, and some comfy chairs to veg out after getting down and boogyn’. First things first, we sang Happy Birthday to the outta sight organization, Vetter Health Services, that gives us our thunder every day; Can you dig it?

The entire month of February was a freaky deaky fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the local radio station thought it would be a good time to bounce over to our chill-zone and collect all the dough during our party. We gave them a killer check for about $4,653, they gave us a premier spot on their afternoon broadcast, and then they were ready to bounce so they blew this taco stand.

The last fundraiser of the month was a kiss-the-pig contest, so a month old hog hit the dance floor ready for a kiss that was too cool for school. After the losers planted their kisses on the pig’s cute little snout, it was time to funk-it-out to some 70’s tunes.

February 26th was 4-sho a radtastic day. Thank you Vetter Health Services for your 40 stellar years and letting us host your party. Heritage of Bel-Air definitely took it to the max.

Submitted By: Jarad Dahlkoetter, Public Relations Coordinator, Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE

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