David City, NE: M*A*S*H* Bash


In Honor of VHS’s 40th anniversary this year we decided to throw a M*A*S*H* themed party for our residents and staff. With the help of the Life Enrichment Department, Nurse Shelly, and NA Laurie a makeshift “camp” was constructed in the dining room to look like a mobile army surgical hospital. We served lunch in a mess hall type of setting and even have “the swamp” with a still in it. The still brewed punch that was served in martini glasses with the meal.

While going through the “tents” to the mess hall a room that was full of military memorabilia was set up for the residents to see. Complete with old uniforms, cots, and military boxes. Staff also dressed up in M*A*S*H* garb, Klinger being a favorite. Later that day we moved the “swamp” into the mess tent for happy hour. It was a great success and lots of fun for both the staff and residents.

Submitted By: Dani Spatz, Life Enrichment, David Place, David City NE

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