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You are great at welcoming new employees and making them feel comfortable. You are also great at making sure we are fully trained before letting them go off on their own!
I enjoy my job. The staff is friendly and answer any questions I have. The administrator is very pleasant and treats all the staff well. They post appreciative notes and provide treats as a thank you often.
South Haven Living Center excels at creating a productive, vibrant work environment. The administrator and department heads are friendly and receptive to our concerns. Our direct supervisors set reasonable assignments and make us feel that our work is valued.
Tiffany Square is excellent at making you feel at home. It seems everyone here is like a big family. Doing one's job, is definitely easier when you love what you do.
Treat everyone with the utmost respect no matter where or when you work. Care about you and always has/gives you a friendly smile & hello. No discrimination and appreciative of your hard work.
Promotion of vision, mission & values. Recognition of team efforts & individual efforts. Teams working together. Respectful treatment of residents & staff. Being proactive to address safety for residents & staff & getting needed equipment. Visible administrators who pitch in & lead. Fun ideas. Flexibility.
Effective communication is key to success of any facility/business + leadership does this well and shows concern for staff & ensures that I have the equipment needed for my job. I was very surprised to see our administrator there on my first weekend by myself. She asked if I felt that I was ready to be on my own (I did.) The compassion for the residents & team members is very evident. It is usually easy to get answers to my questions.
As a group, you all care a lot for the residents from what I've seen. You try your best to do what they want & need.
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