Emerson, NE: Celebrating 4 Years Injury Free

Jack and Team   For the second time around Heritage of Emerson celebrated 4 years injury free. Ten years with only one minor injury has been accomplished by the hard work and dedication to work safe. Holding each other accountable for safety in the workplace for over 3,650 days is key with the team. It has become a way of life at Heritage. The safety team promotes a winner monthly in a safety drawing. Vetter Health Services is deeply committed to the safety of our teams and residents. As part of our injury prevention efforts, we take time to recognize and celebrate with each Vetter Health Service facility that has attained “Four Years — 1461 days, 35,064 hours: Injury Free.” Heritage of Emerson in Emerson, Nebraska, a Vetter Health Service facility, recently attained this wonderful achievement.

A celebration to honor Heritage of Emerson was held on Thursday, January 8. This celebration included a steak and chicken bar-be-que hosted by Vetter Health Services. The party kicked off with a plaque presentation, presented by CEO and owner Jack Vetter to commemorate the achievement and all team members were awarded pins for their personal commitment to the goal and for their daily efforts to keep themselves and their teammates free from injury. Vetter Health Services recognizes that laboring for one year without injury is a significant achievement. It takes great teamwork and allows us to continue to provide the world-class resident care for which are facilities are known. “VHS really recognizes and gives praise to important safety aspects.

“It feels good to know that our team is being recognized for the care we give. The home office for VHS is amazing because they have a way of making people feel special.” Lexi –

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