Loup City, NE: The last 40 years revisited!

Nurses Hat    In celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Vetter Health Services, the team members and residents of Rose Lane have been having fun talking about changes in healthcare over the past 40 years. One change pointed out is the attire of nurses. The nurse’s cap originated in the early Christian Era, worn by the deaconesses that cared for the sick. During the 1800′s head coverings evolved into the white cap that was first used by Florence Nightingale. In the early 1900′s, nursing schools of training adapted particular caps to identify nurses who had graduated from their college. In the 1970′s it was common to see nurses in white uniforms, head to toe, including a cap. Some schools of nursing continue to have “capping” ceremonies even now, however it is rare to see a nurse wearing his/her cap.

Janelle Krzycki, DON offered her cap for a pattern. The Life Enrichment team helped residents fold caps from paper. Everyone enjoyed trying them on and sharing memories of the nurse cap tradition!

Submitted By: Lisa Boeke, Administrator Rose Lane, Loup City NE

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