Elkhorn, NE: Mentor Training: Team Members’ Perspectives


Vetter Health Services held a Mentor Training Session at Home Office on Oct. 27, 2014 for 38 of our team members. We are so proud of the excitement and enthusiasm team members are showing for the Mentoring – Do It Right! Program.

“As the newest member of the Vetter Health Services family, the Brookestone Acres team is anxious to implement the Mentorship Program. We want to ensure that the current high level of enthusiasm and commitment to Mission, Vision and Values continues as each new team member joins our family. The “Mentoring – Do It Right!” instructors provided us with practical, pertinent training which will allow our mentors to share their knowledge, information, perspective and passion to foster the personal and professional growth of each of our new team members; and aide Brookestone Acres in continuing to build an excellent caregiving team. As mentors, we truly want our team members to feel good about what they are doing and never forget how special we made them feel, while supporting them as they learn and grow.” Kathy Kruse, People Development Coordinator, Columbus, NE

“The information presented was useful and informative. Anything that can help us ‘be the best that we can be’ is time well spent. The training can obviously benefit our team mates. Most of all, it benefits our residents. The concepts presented are useful in our lives as we deal with not only residents, but our own families and positions we hold in the community.” Joanie Jones, Inservice Coordinator, David City, NE

Submitted By: Angie Hamilton, Talent Development Coordinator, Vetter Health Services, Elkhorn NE

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