Take Time To Care

This ground-breaking program is designed to foster a cultural shift among VSL team members, with exercises designed to enhance relationships, build teams, refine communication skills, activate common courtesies, and enrich lives. It is designed for a maximum amount of self-discovery, with participants encouraged to apply principles and skills learned to all areas of their lives, at home and at work. Take Time to Care helps team members understand the all-important role they play in the lives of VSL residents, and among their fellow team members. Reminders about the importance of simple acts of kindness and courtesy, such as knocking before entering residents’ rooms — just as they would knock before entering a home — reinforce the VSL mission of “Dignity in Life.” The original material was donated to The Foundation by Johnna Bavoso, The People Business, Inc.  READ MORE >>>

Strengths-Based Company

As a strengths-based company, all VSL home office and facility leadership team members take the Clifton StrengthsFinder upon hire. This assessment tool measures talent and identifies potential for building upon strengths. Two certified strengths coaches provide training to all VSL team members.

Gerontological Certification

The Gerontological Certification program is created to expand the knowledge, skills, competencies, personal, and professional growth of registered nurses in long-term care facilities. Vetter Senior Living strongly promotes this program to all of its registered nurses. The percentage of VSL registered nurses who are Gerontological Certified is significantly higher than the national average. VSL is passionate about continuing to raise the bar on quality care and striving for excellence. When approached by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, VSL jumped at the chance to participate in the grant, provided through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Northwest Health Foundation.

Creating A Dynamic Work Environment

Creating a Dynamic Work Environment teaches team members how to understand the dimensions of leadership that are most important in creating a great place to work, and how their leadership impacts the satisfaction and effectiveness of other VSL team members. It also helps participants learn to use their influence to empower others and improve productivity in their organization.

Buddies Forever Dementia Training

With the assistance of national dementia expert Erin Bonitto of Gemini Consulting, Inc., Vetter Senior Living uses the Buddies Forever program to provide more comprehensive dementia care. The focus of this program is on prevention of out-of-character responses and the reduction of psychotropic medications. Team members are educated and coached in small groups to use approach, communication, and engagement techniques known to be effective with individuals who have some form of dementia.

Mentoring Do It Right Program

The Vetter Senior Living Mentoring Do It Right program was created to provide a welcoming environment and family atmosphere for new team members. The goal is to set them up for success the moment they join the VSL family. This program enhances the importance of mission, vision, and values, and emphasizes how a mentor should live and teach others these guiding philosophies. Mentors learn the key components of communication and how to train others based on the learning style(s) that fit them best. The program also helps both the new team member and the mentor build relationships with one another, residents, families, and other team members.


Vetter Senior Living general orientation is completed in each facility as new team members are hired. Team members learn about the facility and what sets it apart from other places, along with key information about each department. Throughout the process, the focus is on mission, vision, and values. Team members come to understand that all of these aspects combined are the keys to providing quality care and “Dignity In Life” for residents. VSL also provides job-specific orientations to team members; those in leadership positions also meet with their home office support person and attend a thorough job-specific orientation. These types of peer-to-peer trainings help team members build on one another’s experiences and nurture relationships along the way.


Vetter Senior Living believes that education is the path to growth and developing the future. Opportunities for team members range from departmental conferences, such as Nursing, Maintenance, Housekeeping & Laundry, Dietary, Marketing, Social Services or Life Enrichment, to the Administrator’s Fall Conference. Each conference is designed to meet the educational needs of various departments and address practical ways to make the VSL mission, vision, and values come to life.

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