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We see the value of our team members and ways they can enhance their day to day relationships, both personally and at work. Our continuing education program, Take Time to Care, is designed to enhance those relationships, help people utilize listening skills, as well as, see the resident as a whole person. This interactive program has been customized for long-term care and includes section specific learning objectives.  The program has recently undergone a rewrite with a fresh new look and feel. Click on the link to view the TTTC commercial. 

Module 1: Make a Difference

  • Discover what it means to treat everyone as the most important person in your life.
  • Identify ways to do your job like no one else does it.
  • Explore pathways to make God smile at your efforts.

Module 2: Serve

  • Understand importance of strategies for creating positive first impressions/lasting impressions.
  • Learn how to serve with a “Yes, I Can” attitude.
  • Reinforce the personal role each person plays in delivering outstanding service

Module 3: Build Relationships

  • Explore the key concepts for effective communication.
  • Understand similarities and differences between generations.
  • Learn to build trust and respect through active and effective listening.
  • Examine common communication challenges and identify practical solutions.

Module 4: Value One Another

  • Explore the differences and similarities in the way people perceive themselves while focusing on a person’s strengths.
  • Understand the value of each team member to the team’s success.
  • Examine proven principles for team success

Module 5: Enjoy Life

  • Review the importance, impact, and ownership of our attitude.
  • Explore the principles for recognizing personal value and worth.
  • Discover opportunities to maximize personal potential.
  • Give people the confidence to Take Time to Care.
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