Alliance, NE: Highland Park Hosts Pre-Prom Party

Sam Colleen      Seth   Prom season was in full swing Saturday night as Highland Park hosted a pre-prom party for the local high school students. Our resident family created delicious dipped strawberries for a snack to fuel the upcoming all night event. Students were encouraged to arrive at our community in their best attire; in return we took pictures for keepsakes and allowed them to sign up for a drawing of gas cards. Stunning couples modeled their beautiful outfits for our rowdy crowd. The most sought after display was the ladies shoes.

Special Guest      Shay Trevor

This created a tremendous opportunity for prom-goers to share their special evening with grandparents living at Highland Park. It also allowed us to witness team members in a different light and not wearing scrubs.

At the After Prom party, winners of the cards were announced and the pictures were delivered to the school Monday morning. We are extremely thankful for the great kids in our area and appreciate their efforts to brighten our evening!

Submitted by Brian Stephenson, Environmental Supervisor, Highland Park Care Center, Alliance, NE

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