Loup City, NE: What’s New Pussycat?

Slinky      Clothing      Records

Recently, what is new at Rose Lane was really about what is old. As in 40 years old. One of several events Rose Lane is hosting for the 40th Anniversary celebration of VHS is a 70′s display table, commemorating “growing up in the 70′s”. Rose Lane Home was built in 1972, and many of the artifacts displayed were in use and popular during that time. The impact music had on that era was evident in the choices available, such as rock, folk, polka, country. We had a Gunne Sax prom dress, bi-centenial waitress smock, a lava lamp, slinky, dishes, pottery, 8 track player, multiple records in both 45 and LP versions and old yearbooks featuring employees in their prime. It generated a lot of memories, giggles and conversation.

Denver Our guest relations employee dressed for the occasion in a crocheted poncho and bell bottoms. It seemed fitting that Tom Jones was the album most picked up by the ladies, and Waylon Jennings was most looked at by the men. The old photo albums from Rose Lane’s archives provided evidence of the 70s influence on healthcare attire and decor. Next up is a Disco themed party with a trip down memory lane discussing news events from this revolutionary decade.

Submitted by Janelle Krzycki, Director of Nursing Rose Lane Home, Loup City, NE

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