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A note of thanks to Vetter Health Services for their contribution and involvement in the Million Meal March Event. With donations like yours and the volunteers to pack, we were able to pack 1,493,182 life saving Kids Against Hunger meals! Over 1 Million of the meals went into local pantry's across the nation. We were also able to send 10 pallets to Haiti and 14 pallets to Nepal. Thank you again for your donation!
The Million Meal March Team
Kellie.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help in making it possible for some of Aunt Joan's family here in Nebraska to be a part of her funeral service. The technology and the IN2L system at Heritage of Emerson is amazing!! It was as if we were right there in New Zealand with the family. Aunt Janice and Aunt Millie were especially grateful to be able to still support their brother in New Zealand via the web. Thank you, too, for setting up the room for all of us. There were approximately 40 people that attended and that meant so much to Uncle Kenny. And also a thanks for transporting Aunt Janice from Heritage to the church social hall for the family gathering. You went well above and beyond Kellie, and I personally want to thank you for everything you did to make our day more special...
Sandy H.
Vetter Health Services is a company that has an open door policy from our president to other team members in
various job roles. I always feel that I can ask for help, guidance, or even have a friendly conversation with anyone in the company. Because of our open door policy, it is very easy to work with others to accomplish our goals. I feel this is the key to building trusting relationships. Our Integrity Value states that we do what we say we'll do and this statement isn't just a statement. We live by it every day and that also builds trust within our organization.
To The Vetter Foundation Golf Outing “Tired” Volunteers:

Thank you all for your dedication to making the Vetter Foundation Golf Outing another amazing year. I so appreciate the spirit with which you all came in as you checked in for your assignments. I saw so many people with umbrellas and rain gear, in case it did rain, but everyone was so willing to fulfill the assigned duties to make the golfers feel the Vetter Health Services hospitality. It is a long day, but what a great reward as the final tally hit the screen. The amount that was raised is going to touch so many lives that are in true need. On behalf of the golf committee, thank you for volunteering and taking the time out of your schedule to do what it takes to provide friendship and fellowship to our sponsors. I hope everyone had a fun day.
Mary Ann Thurman, Dietary Services Coordinator and Vetter Foundation Golf Committee Member
Everyone at home office is there to help us in whatever we need. They truly care about us, our residents and their families.

When we were all leaving on the final day and the entire home office gathered to tell us goodbye “WOW” what an experience!

Seeing how everyone integrates Mission , Vision & Values into their daily life helps strengthen my beliefs in them as I know it isn’t just some words written down. It solidified the fact that you can get a job anywhere, but do you love what you do?
Home Office Orientation for New Leadership Team Members
I do work for one of the best facilities in Long Term Care. I can’t imagine working for another company. If anyone has a chance to work for a Vetter Health Services facility, I say jump at the opportunity!
VHS Facility Team Member
I’ve been all over the country and can report that what you have (Vetter Health Services) is unique and inspiring.
Mark Parkinson, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Health Care Association
A family called and requested to do a SKYPE session with one of our residents who has dementia. We were unsure of how it would do since the resident usually does not communicate well and rarely makes eye contact.

After preparing the iN2L system we approached our resident using the BUDDIES techniques…down below eye level, light touch to her hand (only because this is appropriate for her), sparkly face, and low and slow talking. Our resident responded almost immediately and we were able to get her to focus on the computer. Her granddaughter and great-granddaughter (who is under a year old) brought a big smile to her face! It had the entire life enrichment office in tears!
Of all the health care facilities I have visited in more than 30 years of pastoral ministry, this one impresses me as a superior institution. The administration and staff combine professional competence and compassion. Their care was holistic, respectful and sensitive. They included our family as part of the care giving team. They were providing care not only for Dad, but also for our entire family.
Your professional and caring manner was such a comfort to all of us during a very difficult time. Everyone was so helpful and supportive. I’m so glad that my granny was in your care. What a comfort and a blessing for her and all my family.
Just a little note to say thanks for all you do. It is a true joy to work for you!
Our family would like to let you know how much we appreciate and were impressed with your facility. We wanted our grandmother to be in a place where she was not just a patient in a bed. Your facility was spotless and wonderfully decorated. The care she received was outstanding. The nurses found time to get to know our grandmother. These amazing nurses even cared for our mother by offering her a place to rest and words of kindness. We cannot thank you enough.
The other facilities we visited were cold and phony after the welcome we received from your staff. You gave us no unbelievable promises, no hiding this or avoiding that hall to make a good impression. We really appreciated that honesty.
Thank you for allowing us to come into your facility. I have never seen a facility as clean and beautiful. I could tell from your patience that the residents are treated very well and I would definitely want to work at this facility.
You guys gave me a totally different perspective of a nursing home! The way you treated and served your residents was awesome!
No where else in the world would we have found a better place to live.
I had the first opportunity to visit my aunt two weeks ago and was incredibly impressed by the facility, and more importantly, the high caliber of the staff. Their compassion and attentiveness struck me from the minute I crossed the threshold.