Omaha, NE: No Missing Pieces!

Puzzle      Couple

This was sure a challenging one! Most days, a puzzle is put out in the morning, and is completed by the end of the day…not this time. Our Puzzle Coordinator, Geraldine, gave us one that took significantly more time, required a joint effort including many residents, and took several days complete!

There were so many similarly colored pieces on this pretty birdhouse puzzle that often passers by heard conversations between residents gathered around the table which included “there must be pieces missing”! After several days, much determination, and all puzzle pieces being in tact, the birds came to life on the puzzle table.

There was such pride in the completion of this particular puzzle that the residents asked that the puzzle be left to show off for a few days after its completion. The Life Enrichment team was asked about the possibility of framing the puzzle, so it could be displayed in the rooms of the residents who had worked so hard to complete it.

What great teamwork among residents to get the puzzle completed, and how thoughtful to want to share the beauty of the puzzle with others!

Submitted By:  Lynn Flannery, Community Relations Coordinator, Brookestone Village, Omaha NE

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