Omaha, NE: Martin Brothers Distributing Co. Inc. hosts Making a Difference in Dementia Care Workshop

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Martin Brothers Distributing Co. Inc. hosted a one day workshop titled, Making a Difference in Dementia Care in Omaha, Nebraska on July 28, 2015. Teepa Snow, internationally renowned dementia expert and educator presented an engaging session that incorporated experiential learning components throughout.

Teepa in Action      Teepa’s session reviewed how people with dementia lose their ability to communicate wants and needs effectively. Role play scenarios demonstrated the importance of dementia caregivers being able to observe and understand the body language of the person they are caring for as a way to anticipate needs. Teepa talked about how people with dementia maintain their primal instincts for survival, otherwise known as the “fight or flight response,” and how well-intentioned caregivers can inadvertently trigger this response.  Attendees practiced approach techniques including a hand under hand greeting to help the person with dementia feel more comfortable. Attendees learned the importance of validating the person with dementia by summarizing or repeating their words back to them instead of trying to distract immediately.  Teepa Snow provided real-life situations and a common sense approach to help caregivers put themselves in the shoes of those they are caring for. This session drew over 200 individuals with various backgrounds and experiences: nurses, recreational therapists, social workers, administrators, dietary workers, nursing assistants, family member caregivers, etc.

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Vetter Health Services is proud that team members attended this event as representatives from the following Nebraska VHS locations: Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center in Lincoln, Sumner Place in Lincoln, Brookestone Village in Omaha, Papillion Manor in Papillion, Brookestone Meadows in Elkhorn, Heritage Crossings in Geneva, Brookestone Acres in Columbus, Heritage of Bel-Air in Norfolk, Brookefield Park in St. Paul, Tiffany Square in Grand Island, Heritage of Emerson in Emerson, Heritage of Red Cloud in Red Cloud, Cloverlodge Care Center in St. Edward, Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center in Seward, and the VHS Home Office.

VHS had wonderful representation from Iowa in Stanton Care Center in Stanton, and Shady Oaks Care Center in Lake City, and there was also great representation from our VHS community in Kansas, Golden Heights Living Center in Garnett. Overall, there were over 93 VHS team members in attendance at this seminar.

Vetter Health Services was a proud supporter and promoter of this event. Dementia impacts so many families in Nebraska; caregivers need more opportunities to learn about dementia and how to provide dignity, quality life, and quality care.

Here are a few of the many testimonials that VHS team members shared about their experience at this seminar:

“Teepa is such an interactive speaker. Her person-centered approach provides team members a realistic understanding of working with individuals who have dementia. She was able to provide tips and education for working with individuals and how to better meet them where they are. This seminar was a great opportunity to learn and I hope to see more in the future!”                                – Brittany Dux, PCMSW, PLMHP, CDP, Social Worker and Discharge Planner – Brookestone Meadows

“Teepa was so real. Her examples, experiences, and her statements reflected how people with dementia truly are as individuals. She did a picture-perfect job!”
– Kelli Archer, RN-BC, CLTC, RAC-CT, Clinical Leadership Development – Vetter Health Services Home Office

“This was the first time that I had seen Teepa Snow; she was amazing! She kept us completely engaged throughout the day and I learned so much. One of the items that I could really connect with is the, “Time Out” signal. If something isn’t working, then stop, think about it, and try again. This could be used in a lot of situations throughout our days and is great advice.”
– Sonya Martin, Administrator – Golden Heights

“Fifteen people from Southlake Village attended the Teepa Snow conference in Omaha. With representation from Nursing, Environmental Services, Life Enrichment, and Memory Support, we found that Teepa had something to offer each of us. Some of our team members work daily in the Memory Support Household, and others will apply the skills in different ways. Teepa reminded us that 50% of us present in the room will experience dementia serious enough to impair our day-to-day functioning, so these skills are skills we can use with many people we work with daily.”
– Lori Snyder-Sloan, Staff Development – Southlake Village

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