Elkhorn, NE: Continuing Our World Class Journey

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A room filled with magic, a place like no other, and the support we are given were just a few phrases that team members used to describe Vetter Health Service’s Home Office Orientation. Team members from Home Office and 14 Vetter facilities shared a close bond with one another while seeing and feeling what it means to be “Family Serving Family”. Montez Williford, Logistics Assistant for VHS stated, “This was a one of a kind orientation. I feel it should be called something besides orientation because it was anything besides your typical, “cookie cutter” orientation. It kept me fully engaged and entertained. It was an awesome opportunity to get familiar with team members face to face from different locations that I typically would not have the chance to meet. The introductions for the various departments were definitely a creative and unique experience.” Cassie Sundstrom, Administrator for North Platte Estates commented, “Home office orientation was very inspirational and encouraging to me as a new administrator. It gave me a sense of belonging and just a very satisfying feeling. I was able to put a name with a face and this helped me relate and understand everyone’s position. Vetter’s is an amazing organization, they say what they are going to do and then they do it. Everything I learned about VHS I am able to bring back to my team and always follow the mission ‘Dignity in Life’. It’s an amazing feeling eating lunch with Jack Vetter and the home office team; it really is ‘Family Serving Family’. I am very blessed to be a part of this world class organization.” As we continue our journey and commitment to becoming ‘World Class’ and ‘Changing the View of Long Term Care’, it is Vetter Health Serves’ privilege to share our knowledge, inspiration and passion for those we serve.

Submitted by Angie Hamilton, Talent Development Coordinator Vetter Health Services, Elkhorn, NE

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