Elkhorn, NE: Brookestone Meadows Sets In Motion Plans for Expansion

      Jack Vetter, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Vetter Health Services, announces the launching of plans for the expansion of the retirement campus at Brookestone Meadows in Elkhorn. “In response to the success and market demands that we have experienced in short term rehabilitation at Brookestone Meadows, we are exploring opportunities for […]

Omaha, NE: No Missing Pieces!

       This was sure a challenging one! Most days, a puzzle is put out in the morning, and is completed by the end of the day…not this time. Our Puzzle Coordinator, Geraldine, gave us one that took significantly more time, required a joint effort including many residents, and took several days complete! There […]

Medicare and Medicaid Decoded

Nearly half (44 percent) of adults surveyed recently said they were concerned about paying for the care they might need as they get older. That’s not surprising, since healthcare costs continue to rise and insurance options are increasingly complicated. Fortunately, there are resources to help, both with your planning and your payments. For many, Medicare […]

Elkhorn, NE: Continuing Our World Class Journey

                   A room filled with magic, a place like no other, and the support we are given were just a few phrases that team members used to describe Vetter Health Service’s Home Office Orientation. Team members from Home Office and 14 Vetter facilities shared a close bond with one […]

Alliance, NE: Back in the Saddle

             Bill Shrewsbury has ridden in to many sunsets during his life upon horses. His latest cowboy adventure allowed us to share in perhaps his greatest pleasures: horses and family. Through the cooperative effort of our community and East Point Horspice (EPH), a local horse rescue and therapeutic riding facility, Bill […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside at Elfindale Celebrates Two Years Injury Free

             With the amazing team and their dedication to safety, Creekside at Elfindale celebrated two years injury free on July 2nd. On Wednesday, July 29th Jack Vetter and a team from Vetter Health Services came to Creekside to show their appreciation of this great achievement by preparing a delicious lunch of; […]

Hooper, NE: Taking it to the Streets

                         Getting our Good News out is always a challenge. So Hooper Care took it to the Streets. Hooper Care Center with the help of volunteer artist Laura Mohr, designed a float with the Bronze Award Emblem. Staff and volunteers took to the streets on July 4th […]

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