Columbus, NE: Brookestone Acres Receives 1st Impression Award



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The Columbus Chamber of Commerce Streetscaping Committee recognizes business owners for their efforts in projecting a positive, first impression as they continue to welcome visitors, interns and potentially new residents to the Columbus community. Small efforts such as landscaping updates or placing a pot of flowers can be the difference if that new customer chooses to walk through the front door. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves… ‘Is the entrance to my business inviting or is it cluttered?’

It’s so important that as a community a positive image is projected, first impression as people visit Columbus for summer events such as Lawn chairs on the Square, Red, White Kaboom, Platte County Fair and Columbus Days events, just to name a few. Did you know that nearly every day top employers are diligently working to recruit a new doctor, an engineer, welders, nurses or IT people to make the move to Columbus? What is it that they see here that they don’t see elsewhere? Its people… people who take pride in their homes and businesses by making them shine & say ‘We Appreciate You Stopping By, Come Back Soon!’

Recently the Streetscaping Committee of the Chamber presented a 1st Impression Award to the Brookestone Acres. When you visit, let them know their efforts are appreciated.

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