Team Members Say & Do…

“I really enjoy working at David Place because of all the people I work with.  We all work together and teamwork is our goal.  Everyone is always smiling, and happy.  The residents are amazing, especially when we get new ones they are always fun to talk to because they have so much to share.  I wouldn’t work at any other nursing home.  I am grateful to be working here.”
Diana, CNA – David Place

“Tiffany Square is such a beautiful place to work. One thing I admire is their goal is to employ only those who have a compassionate and loving heart for the residents, regardless of their size, age, nationality, etc. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. They use my strengths to help make the residents feel more worthwhile and to have a “better day.” At the end of my shift, I feel very fulfilled knowing God can smile on me.”
Sharon P., CNA – Tiffany Square

“I work with friendly outgoing people and we have GREAT teamwork. This job is very rewarding and has been an awesome experience, compared to some of the other jobs I have had. My opinion is valued; I have the opportunity to be on committees to help make Shady Oaks a GREAT PLACE TO WORK!”
Kathy H., Dietary Cook

“I love the look in the eyes of an Alzheimer’s resident that recognizes me. This job is so rewarding.”
Larrisa K., Nurse Manager – Papillion Manor

“Papillion Manor has a warm, friendly family atmosphere. As the chaplain, I am blessed to share the love of God with all who come here. Most everyone; residents, staff and family are not only open to receiving the love, but returning it as well!”
Bud B., Chaplain – Papillion Manor

“Everyone here is smiling, I feel comfortable and at home at Shady Oaks, it is warm and cozy! It feels like I am part of a family, with my fellow team-members and residents.”
Beth Anne L., Housekeeping

“We have a family atmosphere here, good teamwork!”
Carman S., RN

“There is so much that is rewarding about my job. It’s the little things, a free fountain soda for a job well done, a gift basket for my 10 year anniversary with all the things I like! The atmosphere and my co-workers make my job fun! ”
Cindy D., Health Information Manager

“I enjoy working at Papillion Manor because I don have just a regular HR position. I am able to impact the lives of the residents by building relationships and friendships with them as well as family members. I also have the opportunity to impact the lives of team members who join our team, by helping them grow and become the best of the best. I am truly blessed every day I come to work.”
Loni V., PDC – Papillion Manor

“Thank you so much! I truly experience what it is like to be a member of the “family”. I was continuously amazed at the level of faith, trust and compassion that was so apparent from each and every one I came into contact with.”
Kathy K, People Development Coordinator

“Shady Oaks is one of the best facilities around. It is clean and there is a great atmosphere here! When you walk in, it is not like the typical Care Center it is SO MUCH MORE!”
Jesse O., C.N.A

“I love working with the other employees at Golden Heights; I also enjoy cooking for and visiting with all the residents.”
Rebecca H., Dietary Services

“I really enjoy the residents and the people I work with. Vetter is a great employer.”
Veralene M., CNA

“I really love the people I work with and the great care we provide our residents.”
Jessica G., CNA